Katrina Jenkins

Programme Manager – Families, Children and Young People’s Programmes (Targeted and Community-based Programmes)

Katrina joined the Mental Health Foundation in 2015 to lead the Young Mums Together project.

Since then, she has developed a range of programme areas for the Foundation, from the perinatal period and early years through to young adulthood. As a Families, Children and Young People’s Programmes Manager, Katrina leads on targeted projects that address the needs of families who are most at risk of mental ill-health. 
Katrina has a keen interest in building community capacity to respond to local need and in utilizing the efficacy of peer support. Her work is informed by co-production, enabling innovative solutions to reaching marginalized communities who face multiple disadvantages that impact mental health outcomes. 
With a background in mental health research, Katrina has a continuing interest in utilizing existing knowledge and best practice to empower individuals and communities to find tailored approaches to enhancing their mental health. With her own history of trauma and perinatal mental health difficulties, Katrina is passionate about promoting strengths-based and trauma-informed approaches to reduce the barriers that prevent timely help-seeking, and to address the underlying factors that contribute to mental ill-health.