Policy and advocacy in Northern Ireland

We propose solutions and campaign for change to address the underlying causes of poor mental health.

Building on the evidence from our work in Northern Ireland, we have five policy priorities that we believe need to be progressed here.

  • There is an urgent need to deliver an action plan for promoting mental health through early intervention and prevention, as set out in the Mental Health Strategy 2021-31.
  • Reduce the mental health effects of social and economic inequalities, building a mental health lens into strategies to reduce poverty and social exclusion.
  • Create a communities mental health and wellbeing fund to support good mental health.
  • Upskill teachers and school staff to provide appropriate mental health and wellbeing support.
  • Every at-risk child or adolescent should have access to a mentoring programme.

Mental Health Foundation - Northern Ireland Manifesto 2022

It is critical that the Northern Ireland Executive invests in strategies to prevent mental health problems in all stages of life.

New Mental Health Strategy provides strong basis for preventing mental health problems in Northern Ireland

The Mental Health Foundation welcomes publication of the Mental Health Strategy 2021-2031 for Northern Ireland.

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