Refugee programmes

Refugees and asylum seekers face unique challenges related to their mental health and are often at greater risk of developing mental health problems.

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Current refugee programmes

Refugees and asylum seekers in Wales

This programme in Wales will recruit and train refugee and asylum seekers to become peer leaders and lead groups, stimulating conversations that use the English language and other languages to increase their emotional literacy, empathy and understanding.

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Voices and visibility in Scotland

The Voices and Visibility for New Scots is a new initiative funded by Glasgow City Council. The programme aims to increase the representation of refugees and asylum seekers within civic forums in Glasgow.

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Elevate: amplifying the voices of refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

This programme amplifies the voices of refugees and asylum seekers in decision-making processes across Scotland, and works to increase the understanding of their lived experience within key public bodies and third-sector organisations.

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Mental health resources for refugees and asylum seekers

Explore our resources to assist refugees and asylum seekers with their mental health.
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