Our programmes run across the UK and are at the heart of our mission to achieve good mental health for all.

Our programmes measure the different ways of preventing mental ill-health in communities and individuals across the UK.

We put our research on mental health to the test with programmes created for specific communities so that we can help prevent the development of mental health problems for individuals and communities. We work with partners and communities to build sustainable, evidence-informed programmes.

The Blue Prescribing Project

One of our latest programmes, The Blue Prescribing Project aims to improve health by harnessing the link between people and nature.
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Explore our areas of programmes run throughout the UK.

Amplifying Maternal Voices

The Amplifying Maternal Voices (AMV) project spotlights mothers' maternal mental health experiences of rarely heard from communities.

KidsTime Workshops

KidsTime Workshops provide a fun and safe environment for families affected by mental ill-health to come together and learn how to support each other.

Mums and Babies in Mind

This programme supports local leaders in four areas of England to improve quality of life for mums with mental health problems.

Single Parents

Run by single parents, for single parents, this project provides a compassionate, motivated and empowering approach to being a single parent.

Young Mums Connect

The Young Mums Connect programme directs young mothers to services that promote good mental health for the whole family.

Young Mums Together

The Young Mums Together is a programme funded by the National Lottery Community Fund (formally Big Lottery) to develop sustainable support hubs for young mothers in three London boroughs.

Becoming a Man (BAM)

Becoming A Man (BAM) supports the personal development and well-being of young men aged 13 to 17.

Peer Education Project (PEP)

The Peer Education Project (PEP) is a secondary school-based educational programme that gives young people the skills and knowledge they need to look after their mental health, and also their peers.

Peer Education Project (PEP) - Wales

Following two years of successful implementation in England, the Peer Education Project was rolled out in two schools in Wales in 2017/18.

Professional Learning Resource for School Staff

The Mental Health Foundation in Scotland has developed a professional learning resource on mental health and wellbeing for all school staff in Scotland.

Sports and Mental Health

We've joined with Cardiff City Foundation as a Learning Partner to support them with their targeted mentoring programme.

Feeling Our Way

The Feeling Our Way programme provides young people who have experienced care in Nottingham and Lambeth with a digital package of support to improve their ways of coping and social connections during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

Get into Summer 2021

Having joined with Thrive Edinburgh, this Edinburgh-based programme aimed to support the mental well-being of young people in Scotland during the summer of 2021, .

MyLife, MyFuture

The MyLife, MyFuture programme ran from 2014 to 2016 and worked with young people in local authority care, aged 11 to 14 and 15 to 18, in the London Borough of Sutton to improve their mental health and resilience.


We run the SITUATE Project with the University of Sussex, to help with students’ mental health.


U OK? is our university, college and sixth-form-based project that gives students the skills they need to look after their mental health.

Young Leaders

The Mental Health Foundation Young Leaders are a mixed group of young people who inform our work with families, children and young people.

Comhar Men's Group

Joining with Immigration Counselling and Psychotherapy (icap), the Comhar Men's Groupruns self-management courses for Irish men in mid-life.

Arts and mental health

The Wales programmes team, working with organisations across Wales have developed the Arts and mental health platform for the arts and mental health in Wales, specifically exploring how the arts can help with better mental health.

Arts in Scotland

Explore our Arts events and programmes in Scotland, including our work with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF).

Refugee and asylum seekers

The Refugee and asylum seekers year-long project will recruit and train refugee and asylum seekers to become peer leaders and lead groups, stimulating conversations that use the English language and other languages to increase their emotional literacy, empathy and understanding.

Refugee Programmes in Scotland

The Scotland team have a selection of programmes and information about refugees and how to support their mental health.

Voices of Experience (VOX)

Voices of Experience (VOX) is Scotland’s national mental health advocacy organisation run by and for its members.

Dementia Self-Help project

The Dementia Self-Help Project coordinated three self-help support groups for people with dementia in housing schemes across London, in partnership with Housing 21.

Picture this

Picture This is a digital creative programme that helps people in later life who experience digital exclusion.

Standing Together

Standing Together helps improve the emotional well-being of older people living in supported housing.

Standing Together Cymru

Standing Together Cymru is a three-year National Lottery Community Fund (formally theBig Lottery) funded project working in partnership with four housing associations across South East Wales.

Resources for schools and families

Our Resources for schools and families programmes have developed a series of resources to help support mental health in children and young people, for parents, caregivers and people working in education.
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Our COVID-19 programmes

Covid Response Programme

Our Covid Response Programme delivers targeted support for lone parents, refugees, people from Black And Minority Ethnic communities, and people with long term health conditions.

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Long Covid Peer Support

In partnership with the Education for Peers Program (EPP) run by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, our Long Covid programme applies self-management techniques to long-term conditions, such as COVID-19.

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Living Well: Emotional Support Matters

As part of the Covid Response Programme in Scotland, Living Well delivers targeted support for lone parents, refugees, people from Black And Minority Ethnic communities, and people with long term health conditions.

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