Healthy relationships

For this campaign, we partnered with Fastn and Leaders Unlocked to talk to young people about healthy relationships; what's important, how they recognise, build and maintain healthy relationships, and how relationships impact mental health.

Our conversations spanned friend, romantic and family relationships. Our research found that being socially connected to family, friends, or our local community can help us to feel happy, physically healthier and improve our wellbeing. But it’s not just having any social connections that are important, it’s about the quality of these relationships. Having strong, stable and fulfilling relationships help tackle feelings of loneliness, isolation and improve our mental health.

Having strong, stable and fulfilling relationships helps tackle feelings of loneliness, isolation and improve our mental health.

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Graphic with top tips to maintain healthy relationships

Top tips on building and maintaining healthy relationships

Building and maintaining healthy relationships is an important part of looking after our mental health. Here are 6 top tips to support you with yours.

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Learning about healthy relationships

MHF Young Leader, Tia, shares some of the ways that she’s learnt about healthy relationships, and we hope you will find them useful too.

Podcasts and stories

Podcast: Friendship and mental health

In this episode of the Let's Talk: Mental Health podcast, we talk about friendships, what they mean to us, how they impact our wellbeing, and how to nurture a healthy friendship.

Healthy relationships - personal stories

Amy and H talk about their own experiences of navigating relationships and what they have learned along the way.