Policy and advocacy

Our policy and advocacy work calls on national and local government to reduce the factors known to pose a risk to people’s mental health, enhance those known to protect it and create the conditions needed for people to thrive.

We advocate for a preventative approach to mental health problems, so our policy development takes a cross-government approach, targeting the root causes of mental ill-health. Our Policy and Public Affairs team works closely with our Research and Programmes teams, taking forward what we learn from these areas.

If you want to learn more about our policy and advocacy work, or are interested in working with us, you can contact the Policy team directly at [email protected].

Explore our work and reports below

Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan Consultation – England

In July 2022, we responded to a government consultation on their vision for a new, ten-year mental health and wellbeing plan.

Loneliness policy briefing - England

In recent years, the governments around the UK have rightly recognised tackling loneliness as a priority for policy action.

Mental Health and Climate Change - COP26

One consequence of climate change, which is attracting more and more interest, is the impact it is having on our mental health and wellbeing.

2021 Scottish Parliament election campaign

Scotland deserves good mental health for all. Read our recommendations to achieve a mentally healthy society.

Why kindness matters in public policy

In policy-making, kindness has tended to be dismissed as irrational and sentimental. However, given its importance to our wellbeing, policies affecting our mental health should not ignore kindness.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: Mental Health Fellowships

The WCMT funded individuals to travel abroad to learn more about how community-based solutions are being created in response to some of today’s most pressing mental health challenges.

Children and Young People Consultation

What are the key issues around health and wellbeing for children and young people in Scotland?

Fair Work Consultation

As the Mental Health Foundation’s expertise is in public mental health, we are particularly concerned about the barriers to fair work as these relate to preventing mental health problems.

Perinatal Mental Health Services Consultation

Submission to the consultation on perinatal mental health services.

Universal Basic Income

Close to a quarter of children and one fifth of working age adults live in poverty in Scotland.  The impact of this contributes to Scotland having the highest suicide rate in the UK and the highest level of drug related deaths in western Europe.

Mental Health and Nature Policy Briefing

Briefing for England

This policy briefing builds on the evidence set out in our research report to propose some priority policy areas for England.

Briefing for Wales

This policy briefing for Wales begins by introducing the current context for the relationship between nature and mental health, and an overview of the key issues, and then go on to set out our detailed policy recommendations.