Single Parents Wellbeing Workshops

We have been working with single parents since 2014, and we work closely with our current partner Single Parents Wellbeing.

Single Parents Wellbeing has set up ‘wellbeing workshops’ where the parents share tips and experiences with each other so they feel less alone and more able to cope with everyday challenges. We are helping to measure how helpful the workshops are and how they might be improved.

Stories from the programme

Photo of Rachel

Rachel's story: the loneliness of living as a single mum

Rachel talks about relationship breakdown and the loneliness of living as a single mum. She co-founded Single Parents Wellbeing, a social enterprise that empowers single parents, after experiencing extreme loneliness after separating from her husband.

Photo of Talia

Talia's story: my experiences of loneliness and anxiety as a young mum

Talia first experienced loneliness when she moved away from her family to study at university. She found a lot of support when she began working for Single Parents Wellbeing and this helped her to share her experiences with other people who had similar experiences.

Single Parents Wellbeing evaluation

An evaluation of five Wellbeing Workshops in South Wales created and facilitated by Single Parents Wellbeing for single parents.
Read the evaluation report
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