Young Mums Together

Young Mums Together is a three-year programme funded by the National Lottery Community Fund (formally the Big Lottery) to develop 15 sustainable peer and professional support hubs for young mothers (under 25 years) in three London boroughs.

Peer support groups for young parents and their children are designed to enhance young mothers’ life chances and promote maternal mental health and wellbeing.

Young mothers often face significant challenges affecting mental health, relationships, employment and social engagement. This programme seeks to mediate many of these difficulties. We work in partnership with local Children’s Centres and other community groups to develop peer support groups and enhance social opportunities and networks between parents and services.

Young mums and babies in a room

What does the programme consist of?

Weekly drop-in sessions focus on a range of topics of interest to young mothers, involving guest speakers who can offer specialist information or advice and provide a signposting route for further support.

A relaxed atmosphere, with music playing and lunch laid out, is a key aspect of the group, as is the wide range of craft activities, cooking, outings and taster classes provided within the programme.

Feedback from young mothers has indicated their increased confidence and knowledge, feeling connected to a supportive social network and improved mood as a result of attending weekly sessions.

Rachel’s story: Being a young mum

Rachel attends our Young Parents Together programme, which has helped her become more confident and social and less isolated.

Hear her story