Voices of lived experience: The impact of seeking sanctuary on mental health and wellbeing

Location: Wales

The journey of seeking sanctuary is a complex one with challenges that deeply affect individuals’ lives and overall wellbeing. This report, produced in collaboration with City of Sanctuary as part of our Perthyn project, aims to contribute to a better understanding of the mental health and wellbeing of people seeking sanctuary. 

In consideration of the stigma sometimes associated with the term “mental health”, we made an ethical choice to emphasise the concept of “wellbeing” to foster a more inclusive, compassionate and holistic approach to supporting individuals seeking sanctuary.

We framed our research around the following questions: 

  1. What does wellbeing mean for people seeking sanctuary?
  2. What positively and negatively affects wellbeing in the context of forced migration?
  3. What can help improve the wellbeing of people seeking sanctuary?

We gathered insights through in-person and online sessions, interviews with professionals working closely with people seeking sanctuary and workshops with people who have lived experience of forced migration in Wales.

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