Gaming and mental health

Using funding from Jingle Jam, we conducted an exciting new study exploring the link between video games and mental wellbeing.

The study looked in-depth at the experiences of 24 UK players, aged 18 to 60, following their lives over a 3-week period. In a collaborative workshop, players also called on the games industry to make five key changes on behalf of their mental wellbeing.  

Gaming intentionally for mental wellbeing

A key finding to emerge was that players may benefit from reflecting on their play habits via keeping a gaming log.

Graphic of video game controller, with the heading 'Mind Gaming'

Mind Gaming: Exploring the lived experience of player's mental wellbeing

An independent study with recommendations for the games industry.

Image of the gaming log, which is part of our Mind Gaming research

Gaming log

We challenged 24 UK players, aged 18 to 60 to track their gameplay and their mental wellbeing over three weeks, and what we found surprised us (and them)!