Read our post-match interview with Chris Lawrence, Dad from Dads and Football project

Here we chat with someone closely involved in the Dads in Football project.

What's your name? I'm Chris Lawrence.

Can we ask how old you are? Sure! I'm 38.

Where do you live? I'm a proud resident of Cardiff in Wales. 

What about your family life? I'm married to my lovely wife and have three beautiful sons. 

What do you do for a living? I work as an electrician and I'm also a  Church Leader

What was your involvement with the Dads and Football project? I was part of the initial focus group prior to the project starting and then became a regular as the mid-week times were brought online. 

How has the project benefitted your mental health? During the lockdown, it became something that I really looked forward to. An hour in the week where you could be honest, open and vulnerable about what challenges you faced as a parent and father. I also found it encouraging to support and share my own experiences with new dads in the group. 

Do you have anything else you'd like to tell other dads out there? The project is a really positive step in raising awareness for dads to have peer-to-peer support and to create a forum for that. It's such a shame that the project could not continue to be funded and the support structures for new dads will be all the lesser for it.

Thanks a lot, Chris!

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