Supporting someone else with their mental health

We all go through tough times and people help us through them. Other times we have been worried about other people’s mental health. Whether they are a friend, family member or colleague, there are many ways to support somebody you care about.

At the Mental Health Foundation we believe that prevention is better than cure, so we want to help people support each other with their mental health and prevent more serious mental health problems from developing.

Get help

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, know that you are not alone and there are places you can go to get help. Visit our get help page to get the most appropriate mental health advice for you or a loved one.
Get help
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Our 'How to support someone with a mental health problem' guide

This article help you understand if someone you know has mental health problem and practical ways that you can help them to look after their mental health.

Understanding mental health

Our mental health A-Z includes lots of information about mental health problems and the things that can impact our mental health.

Supporting mental health in children and young people

Resources for school

We have a number of resources to help schools discuss mental health topic like loneliness, body image, kindness and more with their students.

Explore resources for schools

Resources for education staff

Our resources for education staff can help you look after your own mental health as well as your students.

Explore resources for education staff

Resources for parents and care givers

These resources help parents and caregivers to look after their own children's and their own mental health.

Explore parent and caregiver resources

Supporting mental health at work

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Our 'How to support mental health at work' guide

There is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive.

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Mental Health at Work CIC

Our subsidiary, Mental Health at Work CIC provide customised mental health programmes to organisations of all sizes.