Standing Together Cymru

What is the Standing Together Cymru project?

We launched the Standing Together Cymru project in Newport in March 2019.

Standing Together Cymru is a three-year project, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and working in partnership with four housing associations across South East Wales (United Welsh, Derwen Cymru, Newport City Homes and Melin Homes).

The project includes 30 weekly peer support groups in retirement and extra care housing schemes. We run the groups for six months. The groups aim to deepen social connections and improve wellbeing. 

Standing Together Cymru is part of the work we do in our programmes on co-production. Co-production makes sure our participants have an active voice when it comes to the activities they take part in and the support they receive. We run peer group initiatives with different groups of people across the life course. Standing Together Cymru was born from the Standing Together London project.

A photo of elderly people together enjoying themselves

Standing Together Cymru groups

The Standing Together Cymru team have been facilitating groups since early February 2019. ​Our group facilitators start each group with a 'getting to know each other' activity which leads to discussions on other topics and interests. We then design the subsequent sessions around the themes that the group bring up. This is just one example of how important it is for the groups to belong to the participants, rather than the people who run the group (facilitators).

What do our participants and staff think of the groups?

What’s good about this group is we talk about things we don’t usually talk about; without it we talk about the same things every day. We look forward to the group meeting each week. You’re interested in listening to us.

- Participant

It’s such a pleasure to spend time with the Standing Together Cymru groups each week and a real honour to listen to participants sharing their life experiences and memories; watching friendships develop and seeing the wonderful support participants provide each other.

- Treena Davies, Group Facilitator 

It is a privilege to be part of these groups and hear about the rich and fascinating lives everyone has; each week I leave with laughing in my ears and a little bit wiser.

- John Mcloughlin, Group Facilitator

I am so pleased to be involved with this project knowing that it won’t cease with the end of the Lottery funding. I hope it will also be an opportunity for people in later life to consider whether they would like to volunteer and use their life skills and experience to sustain the groups.

- Claire Burke, Community Engagement Officer 

Creating a project that is sustainable

We are very excited that these groups will be sustained. This will be made possible through the work of our Community Engagement worker, Claire Burke.

As the project evolves, Claire will be identifying potential volunteer facilitators to take the groups forward once the Mental Health Foundation staff move on. These volunteer facilitators could be group members, staff from the housing associations or external volunteers. She will be running facilitator training sessions which will support people to develop the skills to be able to run groups.

The housing associations will be supporting the volunteers long term. We will also ensure that we provide a space for the volunteers to connect and share through our quarterly volunteer forum.

Body image and mental health in later life

At the launch of Standing Together Cymru, we introduced our theme of body image for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019. At the event, we facilitated two life drawing sessions with an older model in order to start discussions around this topic.

Standing Together Cymru Report Cover

Project evaluation

Our evaluation of the Standing Together Cymru project is the culmination of three years of work which adapted to meet the challenge of the pandemic.

Photo of group of elderly women laughing

Standing Together London project

To learn more about the Standing Together programme, explore the London version below.

For more information, please email Dr Jenny Burns.
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