Body image and mental health

Our research found that 30% of all adults have felt so stressed by body image and appearance that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

That’s almost 1 in every 3 people.

Discover our research, tips and stories surrounding body image and mental health below, including our Mind Over Mirror campaign.

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Mind Over Mirror

Our 2021 campaign focusing on the impact that body image can have on mental health, Mind Over Mirror has been co-created with young people, parents and adults who experience body image concerns.

Mind Over Mirror Report

Research shows that aiming for an unrealistic ideal can create unhelpful attitudes about ourselves. We begin to seek perfection, based on ideals that we see around us. Even though we know, really, no one is perfect – we sometimes convince ourselves that we should aim towards perfection.

Feeling my mind - tips for maintaining a positive body image

We all have our ups and downs on the journey to self-acceptance. Here’s some tips to help you maintain a healthy sense of self.

Parenting for a healthy body image

This content was co-created with a diverse group of parents who know first-hand the challenge of modern parenting.

Mirror my mind comics

Here’s some comic strips about how you can talk about cosmetic treatments.

Research and tips

Body image: How we think and feel about our bodies

Our latest body image research, released during Mental Health Awareness Week 2019.

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Tips to improve body image

There are some actions we can take to improve how we feel about our bodies and help us to protect, promote and maintain a positive body image throughout our lives.

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Body image: we are more than what we look like

This report highlights a series of key recommendations for helping young people across Scotland achieve good body image and recognise that we are much more than what we look like.

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Healthy social media report

A report on personal experiences of social media and strategies for building a positive relationship between social media use and body image.

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Image-editing apps and mental health

Learn more in our briefing about image-editing apps and mental health.

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Stories and more

Body image stories

All of us have a role in shaping an inclusive culture where we help others feel comfortable in their own skin. Read our powerful stories about body image and mental health from our brave supporters.

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Body image podcast

In the fourth episode of our podcast series, we will be talking to you about body image, shame and mental health.

Mind Over Mirror - young person with acne
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"You're more than a reflection"

A powerful spoken word poem performed by Priscila Hernandez for our body image campaign.

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