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We all have our ups and downs on the journey to self-acceptance. It takes practice and time, and everyone’s paths are different.

Ways you can talk about cosmetic treatments

Comic of two women talking about one of them getting anti-acne treatment done
Comic of two people on the phone, the woman is telling the man she has booked to get cosmetic treatments done
Comic of two women talking about body image whilst doing yoga together
Comic of men talking about their insecurities

Mind Over Mirror campaign

Body image concerns are real, they are familiar, and we don’t need to just ignore how we feel about ourselves.
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Mind Over Mirror graphic - avatar of a woman doing yoga and stretching

Body image and mental health

Body image issues can affect all of us at any age and directly affect our mental health. However, there is still a lack of much-needed research and understanding around this.
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Colourful graphic with the text 'body image'
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