Statement in response to new Scottish suicide figures released today

In response to the new suicide figures for Scotland released today,

Director of Mental Health Foundation Scotland Lee Knifton said: “It’s very concerning to see that the suicide figures for Scotland have increased again, with 784 people taking their lives in 2018.

“It is particularly concerning that the number of deaths in young people, and also women across a number of age groups, is increasing. Each and every suicide is a tragedy which can be devastating and life-changing for those left behind. But we know that suicide is preventable, and it’s vital that the government and wider society continue to work together to prevent as many suicides as possible.

“As members of the Scottish Government’s National Leadership Group for Suicide Prevention, we are committed to working with the other group members to make Scotland a world-leader in suicide prevention. This includes ensuring that we are working as a society to look at and tackle the root causes of distress among young people. We will also continue to focus on those bereaved by suicide. It is crucial we work together to provide the trauma-informed approach they need, and prevent further tragedies.”