Facebook Fundraising Tips

Facebook fundraisers are a super easy, quick and fun way to raise money using the power of social media.

Set up a Facebook fundraising page

Check out our tips to help you maximise your fundraiser:

  • Set your target - set an achieveable target when you first make your fundraiser. We would recommend between £100 and £150 to start with and you can always increase it as you go along!

  • Set the example - if you make the first donation yourself, it proves how dedicated you are to the cause and encourages friends and family to join in and donate too.

  • Tell your story - if you feel comfortable doing so, tell people why you are donating to us. Be as honest as you can so people can see why mental health matters to you. 

  • Don't just advertise it on Facebook - utilise other social media channels as well as email and word of mouth to encourage others to donate. If the person wants to donate and doesn't have Facebook, ask them to donate directly to our website or you can donate on their behalf and they can transfer the money to you directly. Someone doesn't have to be your Facebook friend to donate so ask friends and family to share your page as well!

  • Personalise it - you can send individual invites to your friends and family to encourage them to personally donate to your page. Whilst it takes more time, it can greatly increase donations so we recommend giving it a go.

  • Picture perfect - add some pictures and visuals to make your page a bit more personal!

  • Be thankful - thank everyone who has donated to your page to show how grateful you are for their support.

  • Don't give up - sometimes donations can come in after you have done your event or after your birthday has passed, try to keep encouraging people to donate until the fundraiser has ended!

Read Bazz's story for some inspiration on how to make a successful Facebook fundraiser!