Friendships and mental health

In the Let's Talk: Mental Health podcast, Jennie Walker gets together with real people and experts to chat about mental health. We all have mental health and we can all experience mental health problems. So, in our conversations, we delve into the topics that can affect how we think and feel. 

We hope you learn, connect and feel inspired.

Series 4, episode 1: friendships and mental health

In this episode, we talk about friendships, what they mean to us, how they impact our wellbeing and how to nurture a healthy friendship.

While there is lots of mental health advice for romantic and family relationships, there isn’t as much out there about friendships. So, your host, Jennie Walker, gathered some fantastic guests together to dig a little deeper into the topic.

Guests on the show

  • Tyra: Guest, young person based in London
  • Jesse: Guest, young person based in London
  • Lauren McConkey: Project Manager, Higher Education, Mental Health Foundation

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