How to manage stress: 101 tips from you

Research has shown that two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, and stress is a key factor in this.

By tackling stress, we can go a long way to tackle mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and, in some instances, self-harm and suicide.

We asked our supporters what they find most useful in managing their stress. See our guide How to manage and reduce stress for our top tips on managing stress.

Here's what our supporters said... would you add anything? 

Please follow the current coronavirus guidance in your local area when following our supporters tips.

1.    Arrange to meet a friend

2.    Set aside 10 minutes a day to relax and collect your thoughts

3.    Listen to a podcast

4.    Listen to relaxing music

5.    Watch funny movies

6.    Take a good walk in the countryside

7.    Go to the gym

8.    Soak in the bath with lavender oil

9.    Meditate

10.   Talk to someone just to vent a little

11.    Walk the dog

12.    Have a restful sleep

13.    Pray

14.    Read a book to distract from stressful thoughts - escapism

15.    Do something good for someone else

16.    Write a letter to someone to get your feelings across and vent, but not actually sending it

17.    Paint or draw

18.    Book a massage or spend time in a spa with a friend

19.    Write a list of things to do and cross them off as you do them

20.    Spend time with your pet

21.    Unplug the phone and get some time to yourself

22.    Do something you like with family or friends like going to the cinema

23.    Dance around in your room to your favourite music

24.    Go to your friend’s house with another friend and put the world to rights

25.    Have a change of scenery

26.    Go out and meet new people

27.    Go to a yoga class

28.    Express your feelings and emotions

29.    Spend time with positive people around you

30.    Have a hot cup of something wonderful and journal 

31.    Eat a healthy meal and avoid caffeine

32.    Get closer with nature e.g. have a walk at beach, observe the sunset

33.    Watch your favourite programme on TV

34.    Give yourself ‘me time’ 

35.    Ask yourself what would other people do

36.    Think of the work you HAVE achieved in a day, rather than what you haven’t done

37.    Relax with reflexology

38.    Go to uplifting plays, operas and concerts that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

39.    Go to bed at any time of day with a great book

40.    Host a dinner party

41.    Cheer up someone who is feeling down

42.    Spend some time doing something you enjoy, like gardening

43.    Write down your thoughts

44.    Play games on your phone

45.   Make a to-do list

46.    Find a quiet place and try to visualise a happy memory

47.    Do something creative like knitting

48.    Play a musical instrument 

49.    Play with your pet

50.    Get some fresh air

51.    Be gentle to yourself

52.    Laugh!

53.    Go window shopping

54.    Write short stories

55.    Call a loved one

56.   Talk to a stranger

57.    Practice CBT

58.    Chat to your friends on Skype or Facebook

59.    Take a nap

60.    Take a break, even a short one can make a difference

61.    Go for a walk at lunchtime

62.    Write poetry

63.    Eat or drink something you enjoy

64.    Cuddle a baby (ideally one you know – cuddles with my niece or nephew are amazing for destressing)

65.    Spend time with children – they really put things in perspective, like ‘Wow there’s a cool cloud’, and remind you of simple things that used to amaze you

66.    Go out to a Karaoke night

67.    Imagine living in a different era, maybe war time or before cars and trains were invented and how much harder life would be

68.    Bake a cake

69.    Sit in a café with a cup of tea and a magazine

70.    Go for a relaxing swim

71.    Sit on a park bench and watch the world go by

72.    Tidy a room or cupboard (other people might find this stressful, but I find it relaxing!)

73.    Challenge a friend to a board game

74.    Breathe deeply for two minutes 

75.    Bake something – knit a scarf, build an Airfix model

76.    Write a list of the reasons you have to be happy with life

77.    Take a minute to stretch your body

78.    Use a relaxing room fragrance or scented candle to create a sense of sanctuary

79.    Pratice Tai Chi

80.    Look at photos of happy memories. 

81.    Have a cup of tea

82.    Think of something you’re looking forward to or something that was fun

83.    Go to the cinema 

84.    Take an aquafit class at lunchtime

85.    Go for a bike ride

86.    Listen to the birds singing

87.    Remind yourself it could be worse and count your blessings

88.    Play board games with your family

89.    Play your favourite song and sing it out loud

90.    Do some housework

91.    Practice calligraphy

92.    Declutter

93.    Write a letter to a loved one

94.    Play with your children

95.    Watch some programmes on TV 

96.    Go out for a run in the park

97.    Volunteer - it helps put my worries into perspective

98.    Play Sudoku or crosswords

99.    Read some magazines

100.  Go to a salsa class

101.   Get a cuddle