Narayanan Vaidyanathan


Narayanan has extensive experience in policy development with a particular interest in digital trends and future skills.

He is a firm believer in the importance, and effectiveness, of positive mental health outcomes in driving successful interactions in work and life. Starting from a quantitative background, his work has subsequently led him towards many policy issues linked to human behaviours, such as the role of ethics and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

MHF is executing its revised strategy centred on prevention which provides both exciting opportunities and new challenges. Narayanan brings an external perspective to critically evaluate and guide decision-making, considering lessons learned and best practice in the wider economy. He supports high-quality evidence-based research findings as a cornerstone for successful mental health outcomes, and to inform public health choices.

He has worked with stakeholders across various elements of the diversity spectrum and has seen its benefits in guarding against group think. He continues to learn, including about areas that may not be immediately visible, such as neurodiversity. Having delivered educational and training services in more than twenty countries, he is passionate about the value of greater cross-cultural understanding.