James O'Leary


James was faculty lead and senior tutor at a large sixth form centre until 2007. He now works as a consultant, writer and trainer for the major public examination boards.

Previously, James was a trustee for the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society. He lives in the Scottish Borders.

One of the main reasons James wanted to become a trustee for the Mental Health Foundation was to support the understanding of the relationship between physical and mental health. This has developed into an interest in lived experience and the ways this affects people, in particular the effects of stigma.

James is the Chair of the Nominations Committee. In this role, James works to support good governance and assesses the key needs of MHF for its trustee appointments. 

James recently took part in a project in Scotland called 'Honest, Open, Proud' which is intended to enable people with lived experience to make informed decisions about disclosing this information.