We join forces with artists in a brand-new series called ‘Wander’

During these uncertain times we have been providing tips on many things including how to manage your anxiety. One way is to delve into a world of art and beauty and virtually experience it. 

The brand-new series, ‘Wander’ will be shown on Ribena’s website, this link will go live Monday 4th May at 5pm. The series of five-minute episodes aims to help do this and provides tips from us. To watch the rest of the series, stay tuned as they’ll be released over the coming weeks. 

Each one features a virtual walk-through a world-renowned art institution and or venue with a celebrity reading a poem or piece of writing to help bring some escapism to all at this time of turmoil.  

The first two episodes will be in the V&A in London with Richard E Grant reading from the much-loved tale of Alice in Wonderland. You will also go on a journey through Kew Gardens with Natascha McElhorne, hear an original poem by Jordan Stevens at the Royal Albert Hall and much, much, more.  

This has been conceived by the artist, Beau Kerouac and is supported by Ribena. The aim of the series is to bring meditation and escapism – just for five minutes – but hopefully lasting for longer in our minds at this difficult time.   

We know that absorbing the arts can help us to ease stress which is why we consulted on this series to help people who watch this to lessen any mental stress they may be experiencing through the lockdown and other global pandemic restrictions. 

By taking five minutes out of your day to watch these films you will also being kind to yourself by giving yourself a break. We know that kindness can help everyone, both ourselves and others and is good for our mental health. 

At the end of each episode, there is practical guidance provided by us on what to do if dealing with anxiety and other issues. The production team, led by Beau, have used existing footage of the museums and venues to remotely produce the new films. This creates a fresh look and allows audiences to visit these special places even while they remain closed. 

 To follow online, use #Wander #CreativeJuice and #ComeWithUs.  

We hope you enjoy this and if you would like to donate to us creating more helpful guides and tips during this time to help your mental health please go here