Refugee communities: Increasing voices and visibility on Parent Councils

Location: Scotland

Learn about how we encourage refugees and asylum seekers to join Parent Councils at their children's school with a buddy system.

This video explores the purpose and achievements of our Voices and Visibility programme, including hearing from several people seeking sanctuary we have worked with.

Leanne McGuire (Chair of Glasgow City Parents Group) explains what a Parent Council is, and how our Voices and Visibility programme helps refugee parents integrate within their school communities. Leanne also talks about how this programme helps improve the mental health of refugee parents by widening their social circles, engaging them within a community and supporting them with their child's education.

We also hear from Hazel, Parent Council member and a buddy for a refugee parent, who explains how the buddy system works and how it benefits refugees and asylum seekers.

Refugee communities: Increasing voices and visibility on Parent Councils

Find out more about our Voices and Visibility programme in Scotland

Learn more about the programme
Cover of the Voices and Visibility

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