Guidance & Support - Peer Education Project (PEP)

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PEP provides step-by-step guidance on how to deliver the project in your school. 

For staff, there are training videos for each stage of the project, supported by project guidance and pre-prepared materials.  

For Peer Educators, a handbook provides an overview of the project, as well as their roles and responsibilities within the project.

PEP guidance for staff:

Staff Project Guidance

This guide provides an overview of key information and resources you will need to deliver the project within your school and support the staff training videos.

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Staff Training Videos

The staff training videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to deliver PEP in your school.

The videos can be watched at your own pace and will take you under two hours to complete.

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Peer Educator Training Series

Pre-prepared training plans and PowerPoints will support you to train your Peer Educators to deliver the mental health lessons.

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Caregiver Information Sheets

These information sheets provide caregivers with an overview of the project and the topics pupils will be learning.

For caregivers of Peer Educators, the information sheet also outlines the roles and responsibilities of a Peer Educator.

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Peer Educator Recruitment Resources

To support the recruitment of your Peer Educators, a Peer Educator flyer and recruitment presentation are available to download.

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Pupil Certificates

Certificates are available to download and can be used to recognise the achievements of Peer Educators delivering the lessons, and Peer Learners engaging in the mental health curriculum.

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Training videos for Peer Educators

The staff training videos provide step-by-step guidance on how to deliver PEP in your school.
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PEP Guidance for Peer Educators:

The Peer Educator Handbook

This handbook provides Peer Educators with an overview of the project and their role and responsibilities.

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Lesson Delivery Planner

This planner can be used by Peer Educators to note down key lesson delivery details.

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Lesson Delivery Reflection Sheet

Peer Educators are encouraged to build in time for reflection following each lesson delivered. This reflection sheet is designed to support with this reflection.

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