The MHF Young Leaders

The MHF Young Leaders are a diverse group of people from the UK with a wealth of personal and lived experiences. Young Leaders inform the Foundation’s work with families, children and young people.

The MHF Young Leaders programme is run in partnership with Leaders Unlocked. This exciting programme enables young people to shape and influence our work at all stages of development, and delivery stagesYoung Leaders provide input across our communications and digital activities, programmes, policy and research.

How are MHF Young Leaders involved in the Foundation’s work?

MHF Young Leaders come together for co-design days which involve discussion and design of our mental health development work in programmes, research, policy and digital communications. 

Young Leaders offer advice and input as experts by experience to ensure we reach young audiences effectively.  Peer research carried out by Young Leaders allows us to represent the views of young people from across the country, presenting insights and analysing findings with a youth perspective as a group. Young leaders inform new programme areas and advise on policy recommendations to ensure our work reflects the diverse realities for young people today. 

To see an example of work completed in co-production with MHF Young Leaders, read this evidence-based guidance for young people on how to look after mental health during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

We are excited to continue working with Leaders Unlocked over the coming years, to embed the voice of young people throughout our work in meeting the mental health challenges of the future.