Becoming a Man: In conversation

Several Counsellors from our Becoming a Man (BAM) programme, Hugh, Jake, Kohliah, Seán and Ntale, got together to discuss key topics surrounding men's mental health. They draw on their own experiences and the experiences they've helped young men in schools work through as part of the BAM programme.

Episode 1: Expressing emotions and vulnerability

Hugh, Jake, Kohliah and Seán discuss how young men and boys express their emotions and the challenges boys face with vulnerability. They provide advice on how boys and men can express their feelings in many ways, such as by communicating their struggles to a loved one or expressing themselves in an artistic way.

Episode 2: Accessing emotions and vulnerability

Hugh, Jake, Kohliah and Ntale explore the challenges and opportunities men face when they access their emotions. They touch on the difficulty men face opening up to those around them about their mental health and how often men experience a sense of numbness and are unable to access their emotions fully.

Episode 3: Mental health and interacting with authority

Hugh, Jake, Kohliah and Ntale discuss the relationship between men's mental health and authority and how young men feel when interacting with authority figures.

Young boys at BAM

Becoming a Man (BAM) programme

BAM works with young men in schools to help them reach their full potential, make effective decisions in their lives, and instil the values and skills necessary to succeed and contribute to society.

Kids from the Becoming a Man (BAM) project running and playing

Blog: Boys, men and mental health

Becoming a Man (BAM) Counsellor Hugh Mayers writes a blog speaking from his experiences working with young men in schools and explores how the landscape for men's mental health is changing.

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