Amplifying Maternal Voices project

The Amplifying Maternal Voices (AMV) project spotlights mothers' maternal mental health experiences from seldom-heard communities.

In pursuit of accessible care for all women and families, we hosted a national conference and learning event in March 2023 to break down barriers and produce an Engagement Toolkit to inspire action at a local level.

Engagement Toolkit

Available to all Maternal Mental Health Alliance members and trialled with local networks co-produced with a representative Champion Network.

National Conference

In early March 2023, the project held the first National Perinatal Mental Health Conference led by the Foundation since 2018, with the theme of ‘Breaking Barriers’.

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Learning Event

  • Reaching over 100 multi-sector delegates across the UK
  • Promoting uptake of the toolkit & approaches to amplifying seldom-heard voices
  • Target audience specifically
Photo of the facilitators of the event

Why do we need the Amplifying Maternal Voices project?

Currently, around one in four women experience mental health problems during pregnancy and during the 24 months after giving birth. Yet 55% of women who report their experience of mental health problems are not referred to services or given any advice about organisations to contact for further help.

How will mothers and professionals benefit from the Amplifying Maternal Voices project?

Women with diverse needs (including young mothers, single mothers and mothers from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities) have greater access to influencing care, commissioning priorities, and informing workforce development through the toolkit. The project will increase knowledge and awareness within perinatal service providers of the impact of inequalities on perinatal outcomes for women, babies and families.

Our partners

Maternal Mental Health Alliance

As a member of the Alliance, the Foundation is partnering with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance on Amplifying Maternal Voices. Together, we will work towards achieving equal mental healthcare for all pregnant women and new mothers who need support.

Sustainability and growth

This project will ensure that the voice and experience of people from seldom-heard and more vulnerable communities inform the development and scaled uptake of the toolkit. This includes amplifying the voices and experiences of single mothers, young mothers, women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and women who live with long-term health conditions.

The conference and learning event will increase awareness of the toolkit and encourage wider uptake.

Fatima’s story

Fatima*, a mother and refugee with experience of maternal mental health problems, said: 

“I didn't take medication because I didn't have the family support and professionals lacked understanding of refugee experience. I would like my shared experience to help with the development of local services for women who do not have any family support.”

* To protect their confidentiality, Fatima is an alias.

How to get involved

For more information or to get involved in this impactful project, please email [email protected] , Project Manager for Amplifying Maternal Voices.

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