We all have mental health. But not all of us live with good mental health.

When we experience good mental health, we can make full use of our abilities, cope with the normal stresses of life and play a full part in our families, workplaces and communities,as well as among friends. Despite our mental health being such an important personal and social resource, the extent of mental health problems in the population means that too many of us are struggling, rather than thriving and reaching our full potential. This is why we must start talking about prevention and mental health.

What causes mental health problems?

To learn how we can prevent mental health problems, we need to search for answers to this fundamental question: what causes mental health problems?  

What has prevention got to do with mental health?

We know that mental ill health will always be a part of life but the causes of mental ill health can be addressed to prevent such high numbers of people from developing a mental health problem. We can also support people living with mental health problems to stay well and prevent people from relapsing or reaching crisis point.

Society - policy and publications

Our individual actions are rarely enough. We need more efforts across society to empower everyone to be the change they’d like to see. We don’t need to wait until we become unwell to change how we talk about mental health.