What place or space helps with your mental health?

30th Jul 2018
Mental health

This content mentions anxiety, which some people may find triggering.

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Last week, we asked you "What place or space helps with your mental health?"

This is what you said:

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Coastal places

  • "The seaside."
  • "I'm lucky enough to live by the sea, so visiting the beach does it for me."
  • "The sea, especially near rock pools like my home town."
  • "Being at the beach. There is something about fresh sea air, sand and sea that's like therapy for the soul."
  • "I love the beach – super positive for my mental health."
  • "Being in water like a hot tub or preferably the sea. It's hard not to relax in water."
  • "A walk. Preferably by the sea in my home town on the south coast."
  • "Close to large bodies of water like lakes or the ocean."
  • "The ocean helps a lot."
  • "I really like to be close to water, whether a river or the seaside or a lake, the presence of water really calms me."
  • "Being by the sea or a loch helps, as it is so peaceful, beautiful and calming."
  • "Kynance cove in Cornwall. Super special. After returning from London after eight years, Cornwall is my spiritual home for sure."
  • "Mostly the beach. The sound of the waves on the shore coupled with the smell of salt on the air always brings me peace. Especially in the Autumn and Winter when no ones around, the weather is as chaotic as my mind but the cold on my skin. It calms and settles me every time."
  • "For me being by the sea and hearing the waves is very therapeutic."

Outside places

  • "Being outside, in a calm environment."
  • "On top of a hill in silence watching the world."
  • "Hiking anywhere."
  • "Being in nature."
  • "The forest."
  • "You had my peace at 'space'. The sky is all I need :-)."
  • "There's a river near where I work with a seating area where I go to relax my mind. I sometimes sit on the bench & meditate which is great."
  • "There is a national trust place near me which helps me with my disorder. I love going up there and looking at the view, it makes me put a 'pause' on my life and head. I cherish the park dearly, it will always be a massive significance to my life :)"
  • "Any open, green spaces where I can be alone for a bit. Nature is therapeutic in the best way."
  • "Anywhere with trees and water."
  • "Nature, just stopping, being still, and focusing on the moment."
  • "I love being in nature – super positive for my mental health."
  • "Walking my dogs in the park."
  • "When I'm out in my country park with my dog, it's just so therapeutic and nice and relaxing and calm."
  • "Lake district and in my garden."
  • "The sea and countryside."
  • "Mountains or the woods."
  • "I walk to Regent's Park in London for lunch, it's good to take a break so you can exist as YOU. It's important to detach from the stresses of work, no matter how busy you feel you are, if you don't refresh your mind it's easy to burn out."
  • "Being surrounded by trees."
  • "I like to study flowers. I use it as a mindful technique the colours the texture and scent are all observed."

Fitness spaces

  • "While running, at my own pace and headphones on."
  • "The gym."
  • "Swim."
  • "My yoga matt, sound-tracked by music."
  • "I go to the gym or go running. I find being regularly active really helps me stay mentally healthy. There are times when the last thing I want to do is go to the gym but I make myself go and it helps me cope when life throws problems at me."
  • "Running is my release and has been my savour. Without this in my life my mental well-being wouldn't be in the place it is today."
  • "Yoga helps me."
  • "My meditation practice."
  • "I love to take long walks to unwind, always with my favourite playlist of the moment."
  • "Going to the gym also helps because I am not spending all my free time at home, it lifts my mood and it helps me to get fit. I enjoy going for walks too."
  • "The climbing wall / Rock faces / Boulders / Mountains."
  • "The gym, where you can forget everything and focus on yourself."

Creative spaces

  • "Writing new songs in the garage with my friends."
  • "Music. Dancing. Nature. Connection."
  • "Being in my imagination."
  • "Music. Consistently the thing which keeps me sane."

Food spaces

  • "Food, food, food and food. Taking time to make nutritious food that feeds my body."

Urban places

  • "Library 'De Krook' here in Ghent (you should really look it up!) is the place where I feel calm and at home, where I get a hint of a smile on my face..."
  • "Real plants within your working environment! They cleanse the air of toxins and chemicals and also bring the outdoors inside."
  • "Every place in London, especially Brick Lane and Bankside."
  • "The Wellcome Collection in London."
  • "Brighton is my happy place."

Private spaces

  • "At home, on my own."
  • "My bed with my cats :-)"
  • "My home. I either exercise, sit in my Son's room and meditate or have some nice company from a friend or family. Keeps me grounded :)"
  • "My flat, specifically my bedroom – it's where I feel most safe."
  • "I keep my bedroom incredibly tidy and zen. Everything has a purpose in my room, and it all contributes to a peaceful atmosphere there."
  • "My kitchen, where I can be a free spirit, where I cook and learn to be more creative."
  • "In my garden."
  • "Being out on my little balcony, tending to my plants. I find I get lost in looking after them which grounds me to the present moment. It's also a good experience to having something that relies on me (but not as much pressure as a pet or a person!) It reminds me that I can make a positive contribution to the world, however small."
  • "I have a swing chair in my apartment with a fluffy blanket that I curl up in with my dog! It's perfect and my safe space."
  • "My bed."
  • "My little balcony helps my mental health. Because of my anxiety I can find it difficult leaving the house so having a little space where I can be outside, let the sun hit my face, feel the wind in my hair is a blessing."
  • "My room and my bed."

People spaces

  • "Anywhere with my husband."
  • "With my mum!"

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