Seven tips to avoid losing things

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Cinnamon Court Memory Group are a London-based dementia self help group. Below they speak out about ways to help all of us - especially those with dementia - when we lose things.

There are lots of feeling we have when we lose things: sadness, frustration, anxiety, annoyance with ourselves, worry, tenseness and panic.

We came up with seven amazing ways to help us when we lose things and ways to help us avoid losing things in the future.

1. Try and be organised

Put papers in labelled folders and keep them in one place.

2. Keep small object in one place

Things like keys, glasses and travel cards could be kept in a bowl or on a key hook. Always put them in the same place. We made  “forget me not memory bowls”  to keep our small things in (see photo above).

3. If you lose something, try not to worry

Sit down, take deep breaths and relax. Then try and think what you we were doing the last time you had the thing you lost.

4. Find ways to remind yourself of things you might lose or forget

Make lists or even put a note on the fridge saying "Dont't forget: walking stick, glasses, wallet".

5. Do one thing at a time

Don't rush things!