"I didn't realise people with special needs could open businesses"

We have just completed another of the Rapid Enterprise Development Workshops with Care and Share Associates and local Mansfield Charity APCOO.

It has been a really excellent two days as we worked with a number of young people and their families to develop six different enterprise ideas. The young people were aged between 14 and 18 and family support, explored ideas that ranged from selling origami cards, upcycling shoes and clothes and a scheme to encourage young people off of games machines to play outdoors.

Excitingly, one of our judges was swimmer Charlotte Henshaw, silver medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympics, seen here admiring the origami creations of Morgan Allatt along with local Businessman Cos Theopistou. Morgan said ‘It has made me think about what I can do later as a a job. Julie, Morgan’s Mum was keen to add, ‘it’s been a real eye opener, I didn't realise people with special needs could open businesses’’

This was a really exciting workshop and one where, yet again we see the transformational power that enterprise can bring to young people.

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