Get a Plan in Cornwall

Get a Plan in Cornwall was set up just over 5 years ago to build capacity for person centred planning in Cornwall, and to offer sign posting, information and practical support to individuals, families and professionals interested in developing person centred plans and circles of support.

The project has evolved and now supports the implementation of personal budgets in Cornwall. Get a Plan in Cornwall continues to be funded by and supported by Cornwall Council.

This afternoon, Get a Plan in Cornwall will be hosting one of its monthly drop-in sessions in St Austell. The drop-in sessions, which were initially set up just over three years ago, happen on a monthly basis in different community spaces across Cornwall. They were originally set up to help individuals with learning disabilities and their families to start person centred planning and establish circles of support. Yet today the emphasis of these sessions has changed slightly and much of what they do is help people with learning disabilities to develop support plans and find creative and innovative ways of spending their personal budgets.

These sessions foster a real sense of community; at one session, a young woman was desperately trying to find an affordable way that she could go horse riding once a week within her personal budget; and another family were looking for ways to reconnect their daughter with old friends and help her to make new ones. As it turned out, the young woman who was looking into going horse riding was in fact an old friend of the family’s daughter – they had simply lost touch. The family live on a farm with a number of horses and suggested that the young woman may want to come and ride with their daughter once a week, initially supported by her Personal Assistant. This suggestion then formed the basis for both of their support plans. This kind of connection is at the very heart of what these sessions are about.

The sessions are informal and relaxed and are always held in community spaces, which often have a wealth of information on display about events and groups which regularly meet and happen in that area – this kind of resource in a county with geography like Cornwall’s is invaluable.

Joining forces with the Viva project, run by the Cornwall Centre for Volunteers and supported by the Cornwall County Council Department for Adult Social Care, has also proved to be a massive asset. Volunteering and sharing your gifts and talents with others in the community is a fantastic way to begin connecting people with their communities, develop friendships and relationships, as well giving people the confidence and skills to find meaningful paid employment.

For more information about where and when these drop-in sessions take place, you can contact me on [email protected] or 07814 430 203.