TalkBack - Winter 2020

We launch the Mental Health Foundation’s new Strategy for 2020-2025, “Making prevention happen”.


How to address the mental health crisis 

Dr Antonis Kousoulis, our Director of England and Wales for Research, Programmes and Policy explains why prevention is fundamental to effectively addressing the mental health crises.


We have developed innovative, universal and targeted evidence-informed community programmes. Read the personal story of Jean Williams, who benefited from one of them, Standing Together Cymru.

Public engagement

We hosted our first ever ‘human green ribbon’ event in London’s Trafalgar Square on World Mental Health Day, demonstrating how we enable mentally healthier lives through public information and engagement.


We launched an exciting new corporate partnership with Italian restaurants chain Zizzi - with over 160 restaurants across the UK and Ireland, they welcome over 10 million customers a year, and employ nearly 40,000 people. This partnership will help us grow as a charity and reach more people.

From community-friendly buildings to quality jobs, we worked with Thrive LDN to improve the factors influencing mental health in the capital

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Get involved

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Share your experience

Interested in sharing your own experience of mental health? We always want to hear your stories.

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