New partnership with Zizzi

10th Jan 2020

Our new strategy “Making Prevention Happen” includes a commitment to build a strong Foundation – building the systems and structures that allow us to grow as a charity, reach more people, and enable our people to thrive at work.

At the heart of our work to expand our fundraising and engagement is an expansion of our corporate partnerships programme. Through our work with business, we look to achieve three things – Income, Impact, and Insight.

We are delighted to work with partners that want to raise money for us through staff activities and reaching out to customers – but our interests are deeper than that. Our partnerships also enable us to get our message to staff, to customers and to the communities the business serves.

We spend a third or more of our life at work – workplaces have a key role to play in protecting and improving our mental health. We’re delighted that partnerships often enable companies to start a mental health programme for staff, that can include adapting our evidence-based content, and bringing in the training and development programmes we offer directly and through Mental Health at Work, our thriving subsidiary that specialises in delivering tailored programmes to high pressure businesses. This January sees the launch of a major new charity partnership with Zizzi Italian restaurants.

Zizzi is one of the most-loved Italian restaurants with over 160 restaurants across the UK & Ireland that welcome 10 million customers a year. The company employs nearly 40,000 people across the restaurants and the head office.

Zizzi wanted to partner with a mental health charity – and they were drawn to the focus we have on prevention and the potential to reach out to customers and staff with an inclusive message on mental health as something we all have.

‘We were looking for a partnership that would be meaningful to everyone and enable us to not only raise money for a worthwhile cause but also really engage our teams. Mental health can affect everyone in some way or another and we want to ensure we support our employees in achieving good mental health. We are really excited at how the partnership will enhance and support our wellbeing strategy and we are planning some fun and inclusive events to raise funds for the foundation. Our aim is to raise £1 million for the Mental Health Foundation over the next three years.’

Ruth Jackson, Zizzi People Director

As Ruth says, we’re planning a lot of exciting things with Zizzi – developing a programme of internal activities with staff both in fundraising and mental health awareness, and a programme of activities with customers.

At the core of the partnership will be the opportunity for every customer the option to donate 25p to the Foundation as part every card transaction, working with Pennies, the digital charity box, who have pioneered the technology to process this kind of donation. This feature went live in October 2019 and we have already had over 60,000 donations through scheme – each one an opportunity to bring the charity to a new person who could benefit.

Zizzi staff are going to benefit from tailored versions of our publications, and content for their staff app. We’ll be working with them to bring the green ribbon to staff and customers and supporting the HR team as they develop a staff wellbeing programme.

We’ll be connecting Zizzi restaurants across the UK to fundraise, allowing them to compete to raise the most money while sharing stories of personal commitment and daring along the way. As a UK wide charity, it’s great to be able to work with a truly national business like this.

Zizzi will also be supporting us in kind, inviting some of those involved in our programmes to come and enjoy a meal, and supporting some of our events catering. Zizzi gives its customers opportunities to share a meal with people that matter – and we’re excited about the potential for the partnership.

How can I support the Mental Health Foundation when dining at Zizzi?

You can support us by enjoying a meal and by clicking 'yes' when invited to donate as you pay.

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