Mental Health Foundation appoints Aisha Sheikh-Anene as Chair of the Board of Trustees

15th Jun 2020
Challenging mental health inequalities

The Mental Health Foundation is proud to announce the appointment of Aisha Sheikh-Anene as its new chair of trustees.

Her appointment comes at a key moment for the organisation – as it seeks to focus on mental health prevention and build its impact and audiences.

The charity is best known for hosting Mental Health Awareness Week each year – which has now become one of the biggest health awareness moments in the national calendar.

The charity has also been active during the coronavirus pandemic – launching a major longitudinal study with four UK universities to understand the impact on mental health and inform the public health response.

It has also campaigned successfully for regulatory and governmental policy change around key mental health issues.

Aisha’s involvement with the Mental Health Foundation started in 2016 when she became the treasurer of the charity.

Aisha has a successful background in both the public and private sector and qualified as a chartered accountant with the National Audit Office. Aisha currently works in Commercial Vehicle Product Development for Ford Motor Company.

Aisha Sheikh-Anene said: “I am so proud and excited to be the incoming chair of the Mental Health Foundation.  I have seen the work we are doing with communities and wider public and we must build on this work across the UK.  

“It also feels like an incredibly important time for mental health. The coronavirus pandemic has created huge challenges for mental health which we may be living with for a long time. 

“But it is also a time when the death of George Floyd has put racism and discrimination at the heart of the public conversation.

“We are once again reminded there cannot be good mental health for all while discrimination and racism prevail.  The Foundation has a vital role to play in responding to this challenge.”

The Mental Health Foundation’s chief executive Mark Rowland added: “I am delighted that Aisha has agreed to become our Chair. Aisha’s expertise and experience has been evident in her role on the board for the last four years.

“Having worked closely on our strategic objectives, as Treasurer and Trustee, Aisha has a deep understanding of the Mental Health Foundation’s defining focus of prevention and its commitment to address mental health inequalities. We need her leadership as we advocate for a society that protects everyone’s mental health and in deepening our work to build an inclusive and diverse organisation where all can flourish.”


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