Trusts or foundations

We are delighted to have the opportunity to work in partnership with many charitable trusts and foundations. They play a vital role in helping us to achieve our mission of helping people to prevent, recover from and survive mental health problems.

They provide funds for specific projects, salary costs for essential project staff and enable us to ensure the longevity of our projects by pledging funds over several years.

To find out more about how your charitable trust or foundation can help, please contact Ralph Coates (020 7803 1160) for England and Wales, or Michael Wilson (0141 572 0125) for Scotland.

Salters' Charitable Foundation

Salters' Charitable Foundation

"The Salters' Charitable Foundation (SCF) is delighted to be supporting the Mental Health Foundation with the 'Self-help coping strategies for people with dementia' project. The Mental Health Foundation's expertise in this important health field, their passion and enthusiasm for the project, and their vital plans to collaborate and share their learnings with other organisations, were all clearly evident from the very start of our partnership.

"SCF is proud to be involved with the project and we are looking forward to seeing the tangible difference this work will make to vulnerable and isolated people affected by dementia, both throughout the two-year pilot and afterwards as the findings are replicated and rolled-out nationally."

Vicky Chant, Charities Development Manager at The Salters’ Company

Zurich Community Trust


"The Zurich Community Trust is proud to be working in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation to host the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. This supports our desire to focus on the early intervention and prevention of mental health issues and we know that the Mental Health Foundation has an excellent track record in delivering work that has a positive impact on people’s lives." Kate Hodges - Zurich Community Trust (UK) Limited

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is supporting Age Well, a two-year Mental Health Foundation project protecting the mental health and wellbeing of baby boomers.

The first baby boomers, people born after World War II, between 1946 and 1955, are reaching the age of 65. They are a generation that have lived through, and been responsible for, massive changes in society and social institutions. 

Good mental health in later life helps people to live well in their later years and to be healthier overall. This project aims to identify practical approaches to improving baby boomers' mental wellbeing which will build on this generation's life experiences and willingness to do things differently.