A new social contract: letter to Prime Minister

26 June 2020,

Dear Prime Minister, Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. The devastating loss of life, months of social isolation and widespread financial instability has brought despair to individuals, families and communities. The initial pandemic has created a new crisis for our nation’s mental health...

“Business as usual is not an option”: Prime Minister urged by major coalition of charities to create a new Mental Health Renewal Plan for England to support the nation’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

26 June 2020,

The devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic demands an urgent renewal plan for the nation’s mental health to avoid crisis, according to an unprecedented coalition of over 50 charities which has written to the Prime Minister to call for a cross-government approach to put the nation’s mental...

Mental Health Foundation and Zero Suicide Alliance launch new website which maps England's suicide risks

29 June 2020,

A major free online resource, designed to help reduce suicide, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, is released today by the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) and the Mental Health Foundation.