Co-Production in Research

We undertake participatory research that is applied to people's lives. Participation is our central value and we are committed to co-produce research.

We do research with people rather than on, for or to them. This takes time and we invest the resources knowing that this will achieve more valuable and enjoyable research. 

We recognise that research is more relevant, valuable and enjoyable when it involves the participation of people who have direct experience of the issues that the research is investigating. 

Participation in research can take many forms including developing research questions; designing studies; providing advice and review; collecting and analysing data; writing up studies; and communicating findings. We have championed peer and survivor research initiatives such as ‘Strategies for Living’ and the Right Here youth programme, and continue to do so.  

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Key publications

1994: Creating Community Care

1998: Healing Minds

2000: Strategies for Living

c.2003: Black Spaces Project: South Asian Women Study

2003: Mental Health User/Survivor Research in the UK: A policy briefing

2003: Lifes labours lost

2006: Actions Speak Louder

2008: Boiling Point