Mental Health Awareness Week partners

We're grateful for our partners, without whom Mental Health Awareness Week would not be possible. Find out how you can partner with us for 2024. 

Our partners for 2023


Brompton Bicycle is the manufacturer of the iconic folding bicycle. Built to last and quality assured in its London factory, every Brompton frame is individually numbered and comes with a registered 7-year warranty. The bike folds up to a third of its size, which means a Brompton is suitable to take on all forms of transport – perfect for commuting on trains, popping in the boot of the car and taking out of the city for some fresh air. Brompton advocate the physical and mental health benefits of cycling and that all exercise brings.

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Everywhere vacuum is required, you will find Edwards leading the way, from medicines to mobile phones, from computers to coffee beans, to cars and chemicals, we pride ourselves in making a difference to people’s lives.

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Whether it’s hospitals healing patients, airports welcoming passengers or banks and tech firms attracting the best talent, we’re here to help your business reach its potential. ISS connects your people and places by providing you with people who care, high standards and intelligent solutions.

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Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work support organisations to embed preventative strategy around workplace mental health providing tailored workshops, coaching and consultancy.

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ZiMAD is a developer of mobile games that excite players worldwide. ZiMAD pays great attention to the mental health of both their employees and players - its most popular game Magic Jigsaw Puzzles can develop cognitive functions and allow players to relax.

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Our supporters


With every cup of coffee, there is a story to tell – from our farmers to our customers. Through our stores in 85 countries around the world Starbucks is in the business of human connection – both through offering customers a ‘third place’ in our stores, or be it digitally or through our communities. With every cup, with every conversation, with every community – we nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection.

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NEOM provides moments of wellbeing for everyone using 100% natural fragrances to create effective and luxurious products that not only have the most amazing scent but help you on your wellbeing journey to better sleep, less stress, more energy and a better mood.

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Partner with us for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

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