Top tips on building connections at university

Izzy, a student at London School of Economics, asked students for their top tips on building meaningful connections at university, and here is what they had to say.

Start with you!

  • Put yourself first! Make sure you are in a good mental state of mind first
  • Reflect on past connections you’ve had. What has gone wrong? What has gone right?
  • Be your authentic self and you will attract the best people for you
  • Be engaged and attentive
  • Don’t be scared to make plans or connect with people
  • Don’t let social media get you down – it might seem like everyone is making friends easily
Graphic encouraging you to be yourself

Think about what is needed to make relationships flourish

  • Give the connections you make time to form into more meaningful relationships
  • Meaningful connections form best when you feel safe
  • I found it easier to make connections in spaces that were very social, for example the Student's Union or nights out
  • I found it easier to make connections in spaces that I felt comfortable in, for example the common room or uni halls
Graphic encouraging you to give it time

Be a part of something

  • It is easier to start making connections if you have something in common, even if it’s just your uni course at the start
  • Be open to everyone, as uni is full of new people and characters
  • I would say, don’t just join societies – remind yourself to be an active member, otherwise you miss the community feeling they have
  • Remember that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is trying to make new connections
Graphic that reads 'remember everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is trying to make connections'

Be in the right places and put yourself out there

Students said they found these places the best places to meet new people:

  • Clubs and societies
  • Freshers Week events
  • Halls
  • Freshers Fair
  • After class – invite your peers to lunch
  • Student's Union
  • Coffee shops
  • University group chats
Graphic listing the places students can make connections

Helplines and online resources

  • Samaritans: free, over the phone support by calling 116 123
  • The Mix: a helpline, online chat or text service
  • Student Space: a suite of guidance and resources to support students through university life

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