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In total, 59 Fellows were chosen to investigate best practice in 17 countries and bring back new evidence and ideas to create positive change in their profession, practice and communities in the UK. Their findings have been distilled into four themed briefings (plus a fifth summative briefing) which present the key findings from the Fellows’ rich body of learning under the overarching themes of: trauma and adversity, creativity and innovation, growing up and growing old, and equality and diversity.

In addition to the briefings, a series of corresponding podcasts have been developed, with each episode focusing on an aspect of the Mental Health Fellowships’ overarching theme ‘community-based solutions’ and featuring a number of different Fellows.

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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: Mental Health Fellowships

From 2016 to 2019, the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust ran the Mental Health Fellowships programme, funding individuals to travel abroad to learn more about how community-based solutions are being created in response to some of today’s most pressing mental health challenges.
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