Our response to the 2017 Autumn Budget

The Mental Health Foundation's response to the Chancellor's 2017 Autumn Budget.

Isabella Goldie, Director of the Mental Health Foundation, said:

"The announcements made on building extra housing today are a welcome recognition of the seriousness of the situation but  we urge the government to continue to treat the issue as a priority. The Budget poses the very real risk of increasing inequalities by focusing on the housing market but not recognising the urgent need to invest in social housing.

"While we welcome the government's commitment to ending rough sleeping, we are deeply concerned that the number of people forced into homelessness is expected to more than double to half a million by 2041. Having somewhere safe and warm to live is fundamental to our mental health and wellbeing. Housing provides vital shelter, but is also important for creating a secure and positive environment to support people as their lives progress. In contrast, we know that poor and unstable housing  and the threat of homelessness increases people’s  chances of experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

"An investment in safe and affordable housing for all is an investment in prevention; a move that would help to reduce the mental health inequalities we see today."