Mental Health Foundation to support development of digital e-health - call for products

Digital mental health product selection – eMEN (e-mental health innovation and transnational implementation platform North West Europe)

Each year almost 165 million, or 38%, of people in the EU experience a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety. Mental ill health presents a huge and growing economic and social burden for society, accounting for 20% of the disease burden.Innovative and high-quality e-mental health plays an important role in tackling this societal challenge. However, there are large regional differences with regard to the use of e-mental health products, for prevention and treatment. The average use across the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Belgium and Ireland is now 8%, which is low compared to other healthcare sectors; with the lowest use in France (less than 1%) and the highest in the Netherlands (15%). Unmet needs are also high, with an EU average of 6.8%. At the end of the project, the average use of e-mental health products will have increased by 7%, to 15%. Directly contributing to the region’s economic performance and innovation capacity: reducing healthcare costs, better care and access to prevention and treatment and increased growth of eHealth SMEs.

In order to realise this change, a first-of-its-kind, EU-wide platform for e-mental health innovation and implementation will be formed by private and public partners in North West Europe. Project partners are key stakeholders in the field of e-mental health and have a broad EU network. For more information about eMEN, please see the emen website.

Our call for digital mental health products:

The Mental Health Foundation is looking for digital mental health products to be part of this journey. We are looking to select digital health products to present to the EU product selection group. The selected tools will form part of a testing and development process which will imply testing with users and access to funding to improve the product.

We welcome applications from as many digital mental health SME products as possible. Your submission will put your product on our radar and this will open door for future opportunities to become part of eMEN.

Shortlisting of digital tools will be done on the following criteria:

The extent to which the digital tool: 
•    Meets the scope of emen (as set out in the online application)
•    Needs certain support mechanisms to be market ready
•    For product selection and testing we are less likely to select digital tools which are already on the market and fully developed unless there is indicated scope for further improvement and amendments to the product.  These amendments will form part of a 6 months period before the app can be launched on market as part of the testing process.

This call for products will close on the 9th of January. 

Submissions should be made via the following link: 

If you have any queries please email