Missy's story

Missy took up running in January 2020 as she felt her anxiety and OCD were at a greater level than usual and she decided to focus her energy on exercising.  From past experience, she knew that when her mood was low, it could lead to irrational thinking despite actively practicing techniques from previous CBT support.
Missy knew from past experience that her anxiety and OCD could be managed with care and support and talking to friends and family has always been so important!  Running has transformed her mood and boosted her rational thinking process and given her head space and a clearer mind.  Long distance running proved invaluable during lockdown and was a fantastic coping mechanism for intrusive thoughts and low mood.
She decided that she wanted to go a step further and raise some money for the Mental Health Foundation and take the opportunity to help make a difference to others who may be suffering.  Missy wanted to support the UK’s charity for everyone’s mental health, as she is keen to support all the valuable work they do, particularly in support of children and young people.  Having found out more about the Peer Education Project which runs in schools she knows the importance of building good mental health for the younger generation.  
Missy completed the Scottish Half Marathon in September 2021 in a fantastic 1 hour & 51 minutes and managed to raise an amazing £1090 and she really welcomed the opportunity to run with other people who are striving to make a difference.  She hopes that the money raised will make a positive impact on society!