Share your experience of how the strikes are affecting your mental health

The longest period of industrial unrest in 40 years continues across the UK and is affecting almost all public services. One of the most serious, but sometimes ignored consequences of this are that those on strike as well as people who cannot get these services are all experiencing a wide range of mental health issues.

Together with the continued cost-of-living crisis, the lost wages on all sides make things even worse.

If you’re currently engaged in strike action or are affected by the loss of a public service (such as health or public transport), we’d like to know what effect this disruptive period is having on your mental health.

Photo of empty train tracks due to industrial action

If we have your permission, we’d like to share your story on our website or help us understand the kind of mental health advice you need from us.

Please use the form below to upload your story, and if you’d like to, you can also upload a photo.

Remember, you’re not alone, and together we can help get through this.

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Photo of a group of people at a strike
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