Mental health and prevention: taking local action for better mental health

Location: England

Public Health England commissioned the Mental Health Foundation to bring together existing evidence on mental health and prevention and make recommendations for local action.

The menu of top actions:

Whole population approaches

  • Improving the mental health literacy of the population
  • Developing mentally healthy communities and places
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination
  • Integrated approaches to health and social care

Life course

  • Pregnancy, children and young people
  • Working age
  • Ageing well

Key topics

  • Suicide prevention
  • Criminal justice
Cover of 'Mental health and prevention: taking local action for better mental health'

Publication: Prevention and mental health report

Mental health should be valued and understood as a key that allows us to unlock a wide range of health and social advantages. When this resource is damaged, it leaves us unable to reach our collective potential. This report is for policymakers, health professionals, mental health advocates and their families and friends.

Blog: '70 years on: do we understand prevention?'

We are all about prevention at The Mental Health Foundation and 2019 marks 70 years since the organisation was founded, then known as the Mental Health Research Fund.

A-Z Topic: Prevention and mental health

Prevention is an important approach to improving mental health. It means stopping mental health problems from developing, getting worse or coming back.

Statistics: Prevention and early intervention

Despite the cost-effectiveness of preventing mental health problems in the long term, there are gaps in the research base on prevention of mental ill health.

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