Reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 in Northern Ireland

Location: Northern Ireland

30th May 2023
Mental Health Awareness Week
Karen Hall, Head of Northern Ireland

Karen Hall

Head of Northern Ireland

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During May we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week in Northern Ireland with a wealth of community events.

Partnering with the Healthy Living Centre Alliance under our Covid Response Programme on the Mental Health for Better Days project, Healthy Living Centres organised a remarkable 41 events. They had everything from calming Tai Chi sessions to staff wellbeing days, nature walks, community lunches, and chilly sea dips. It was a week buzzing with activities, demonstrating the unique role community organisations play in bringing people together.

During the week, I had the privilege to encounter extraordinary individuals, each with their unique journeys. Many had their lives disrupted by sudden health diagnoses, which led to changes in their jobs, social networks, and daily routines. They found themselves grappling not only with their new health conditions but also with the impact of increasing isolation on their mental health.

So often, the turning point was a referral to the Better Days pain support programme. Hosted at their local community centres, this programme offered a sense of familiarity. Despite initial hesitations, reassuring calls from the facilitators eased them into attending their first session.

This programme became more than just a coping mechanism for their health conditions; it served as their bridge back to the community. They often joined others, such as the walking groups or Tai Chi classes. Even when health issues made the physical side of these classes challenging, the tea, biscuits, and heartfelt conversations ensured their continued participation. These groups provided them with a renewed sense of community, a new social circle, and a supportive network crucial in protecting their mental health.

These personal journeys were echoed to me throughout the week, emphasising the pivotal role that community plays in mental health prevention. Each event showcased the power of community activity and the sense of belonging it nurtures, creating a space where the business of prevention happens.

The week highlights the necessity for sustainable and responsive funding for community organisations. These unsung heroes, often volunteers working with limited budgets, play a vital role in supporting people navigate life's complexities and protect their mental health.

As we look back on Mental Health Awareness Week, it is a stark reminder of the power and strength present in our communities. By ensuring these community groups have the resources they need, we can cultivate environments where individuals feel safe to express their struggles and seek support.

As we plan our next steps, let's remember the lessons from this week. Let's harness the power of our communities and continue to reshape our mental health narrative, creating a society where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

Mental Health for Better Days

Working with the Healthy Living Centre Alliance (HLCA), we are investing in a tailored programme to protect the mental health of people living with long-term physical health conditions, Mental Health for Better Days.
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