Mental Health Foundation Scotland submits response to Scottish Government’s petition on conversion therapy

Location: Scotland

7th Sep 2021
Influencing policies

This content discusses discrimination or discriminatory violence (such as homophobia, racism, sexism and ableism), which some people may find triggering.

In response to the Scottish Government’s petition on ending conversion therapy, the Mental Health Foundation in Scotland submitted this response:

“The Mental Health Foundation supports the action called for in petition PE1817 to ban the provision or promotion of LGBT+ conversion therapy in Scotland. That is a full and effective ban on practices that demonstrate an assumption that any sexual orientation or gender identity is inherently preferable to any other, and which attempts to bring about a change of sexual orientation or gender identity and/or seeks to suppress an individual’s expression of sexual orientation identity on that basis.  

“There is widespread evidence available which highlights the harmful long-term effects on mental well-being associated with undergoing conversion therapy practices. Mental health professionals should be committed to reducing discrimination and social inequality, not adding to it by engaging in practices that harm LGBT+ mental health. We, therefore, oppose unethical, flawed and unfounded attempts to “cure” sexuality or gender identity.”

- Toni Guigliano, Senior Policy and Public Affairs Manager

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