Covid Response Programme (CRP) launched in Scotland

Covid Response Programme (CRP) launched in Scotland

Claire Fleming - Communications and marketing Manager (Scotland and Northern Ireland)

Since March 2020 we have been studying the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the nation. Our research has shown that pre-pandemic inequalities, a root cause of poor mental health, have been exacerbated by Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions.
That’s why we are committing at least £2 million over the next two years to support people and communities across the UK whose mental health has been

more harshly impacted by the events of the last year. With support from partners and funders, including The Monday Trust which is contributing £750,000,we will be working with lone parents, Black and minority ethnic communities, refugees, and people with long term conditions.

We will work with public and third sector organisations to deliver person-centred mental health and wellbeing programmes and interventions within the community.
We will also place focus on research and learning to ensure we gain insight into what works to deliver prevention focused activities on a larger scale.

Mark Rowland, Chief Executive of Mental Health Foundation, said: “All of us have had to weather the Covid-19 storm, but not all of us have been in the same boat in terms of the pressures we’ve faced and resources we have to protect our mental health. The Covid Response Programme will provide preventative mental health

support, tailored to the needs of the communities that our research has shown have faced particular challenges – lone parents, those with long-term physical

health conditions and people from racialised communities.

Our aim for the Covid Response Programme is, above all, to empower people to have good mental health. We will work with third sector organisations across the UK to build their capacity to further support the mental wellbeing of their service users. We recognise the incredible work delivered by the voluntary sector, particularly in the last year, and the great relationships that

they have nurtured with communities. We are confident that working together like this will support people and communities at higher risk of poor mental health to live mentally healthy lives.”
The Covid Response Programme is not grant giving and won’t involve a tender process. Our partners have been selected based on their expertise and experience of evidence-based practice working with people who represent the priority groups of the programme.
One of the first projects to launch as part of the Covid Response Programme, is Living Well: Emotional Support Matters.

Delivered in partnership with Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, the project will support people across Scotland who are living with a long-term condition.
Over the summer we will announce our eight delivery partners for the project. All working with people living with various long-term conditions, these third sector organisations will help us ensure that we reach as many population groups as possible in both urban and rural locations, including different genders, ethnicities and age groups.