Kyla Brand, Trustee

Kyla has extensive experience of policy-making in Government, in all four nations of the UK.

Most recently she was Representative of the Office of Fair Trading for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is a Trustee of the David Hume Institute, an independent Scottish think tank. She has also been active in promoting corporate social responsibility. She is now retired.

Her interest in mental health issues stems from family and professional involvement. She has worked on implementation of the Adults with Incapacity Act (Scotland), on the Legal Protection Committee of Alzheimer Scotland and in a variety of roles supporting dementia sufferers and carers.

On the Mental Health Foundation board, Kyla has particular concern for our activity in Scotland, and in the dissemination of understanding and practice across the nations of the UK. She wants to help breakdown the taboos and inequalities associated with mental health, and in particular to support employers in promoting good mental health.

Kyla Brand headshot